Let's Play a Game

Join one of our tasting fun experiences. We enjoy wine while learning in a fun and casual way. We prepare it as a game so you and your friends can join and pass a good time together while tasting wine and discovering the exciting world behind every bottle, region and wine history.

o   GUESS THE WINE: Learn basics of blind tasting and discover the difference between new world wines (Australia, USA, New Zealand…) and the old world (France, Italy, Spain…).

o   GAME OF THE AROMAS: Discover the aromas of wine by smelling in our special aroma kit. Then identify the aromas in wine. One of our most popular classes!

o   CRASH COURSE ON WINE: Learn the basics of wine on new fun and engaging system. We will play, taste, and get our hands dirty while learning about wine.

***Book with your group of friends or company. We will organize the games in a competitive format so you will all challenge each other on a fun and recreational way.


Our Wines

We go to the source. We buy directly from the wineries and import them right away to ‘The Tasting Room” by plane to ensure the shortest time, freshness and competitive prices. Our selections come from the best vineyards and producers around the world. Come visit us and discover some of the most incredible wines from around the globe.

Vertical Cellar

We offer a great range of vintages dating back well over 50 years. So come and try your birth vintage with us on your birthday! This is a unique experience.

Exclusive Selection

Small vineyards and producers with exclusive selection: We bring wines that are produced in small quantities and you will have the experience to enjoy it for the first time in Bali.